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Kuromame (Black Soybean) Soy Sauce

Adachi Jozo

  • This kuromame (black soybean) shoyu is made traditionally in cedar vats by the masters at Adachi Shoyu in Taka-gun, Japan. This area in the Hyogo prefecture is known for growing these special black soy beans. This deep, earthy, slightly smoky shoyu is perfect for braises and broths. Refrigerate after opening.

    Ingredients: water, soy beans, wheat, salt

    Product Attributes:

    • 300ml glass bottle
    • Made in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


  • Adachi Jozo is located in the valley of Takagun in the Hyogo prefecture which makes for hot days and cool nights. This temperature makes for growing great rice and black soy beans from which they produce a soy sauce. The company started in 1889 and is currently in its fifth generation. Adachi Jozo is known for making high quality soy sauces fermented in cedar vats by the master Tatsuaki Adachi.

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Category: Shoyu, Soy Sauce

Vendor: Adachi Jozo